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Sexual Assault Survivors in the Pursuit of Pleasure:

Authentic Tantra, Muse (EGG), and Iroha Vibrators

This study seeks to answer: In what way, if any, does tantric meditation improve sexual functioning and well being? 

Status: Accepting Contacts

This study was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are continuing to build our contact list for the continuation of this study in the future.  We encourage individuals who are interested in participating to submit their email below.

Purpose of the Study

Current treatments for sexual assault survivors have not been designed to specifically target both trauma symptoms and sexual dysfunction. Recent research supports treatments which combine “top-down” (i.e. thinking to sensation) and “bottom-up “(i.e. sensation to thinking) processing. Tantric meditation is believed to do just this, and for this reason may be ideal for providing “training” which is useful for treating both trauma symptomology and sexual dysfunction. 


Preliminary Criteria 

  • Experienced a penetrative sexual assault.

  • Have difficulties enjoying sexual pleasure

  • 18 years of age or older.

  • Based in Ontario and Fluent in English

Nature of Participation 

In order to be considered for this study, participants must complete a “prescreening” telephone interview to ensure that they meet the basic criteria for the study. Next they attend an intake screening, where they complete several questionnaires to further determine eligibility and provide information for the study. Upon approval participants will receive the materials and instructions for the study. We will be measuring changes in response to daily guided audio clips, as well as to a small external vibrator that we ask participants to use weekly. The treatment will proceed for 15m or less per day over a two month period, from the comfort of participant’s own home or choosing. We will be using the Muse headset to record participant's brainwaves remotely during their brief daily treatments, as well as issuing a few short questionnaires at the midway and end point of the study.

Interested in supporting, learning more, or participating?

Let's get in touch!

Interested in setting up a telephone pre-screening?  Please specify an approximate availability, we will reach out to coordinate with you further. 

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